Welcome to the Sigma 597 System
As you can see, the Sigma 597 System is still under construction. This has been due to timing difficulties (read I haven't had the time to really work on it). However, I felt that I should put up something to as least show that work is being done.

Here is a little info on the Base Commander (Me)
  • Name: Stephen "Hiroshi" Wykes
  • Age: 30 Something
  • Height: 6'1" (186cm)
  • Weight: [Classified]
  • Education: BA in Japanese (UCSB), BS in Computer Science (CSUF)
  • Hobbies: Studying Japanese, Watching Japanese Anime, Computers, Flying, Kyuu-do and Iai-do
  • Present Assignment: Teaching English in Toyota(Japan) as an Assistant Language Teacher

If you want to know what I have done recently, please check my online diary.

What's New: Hey! Guess what? Nothing really new here. Sorry about that. For those who don't know, I changed jobs. I am now working at an ALT in Toyota. I quit NOVA back in April. Things are going well in the new job and with weekends and National holidays off I have a little more time to myself. That's about it.

Coming Soon: An update, I hope. I think I need to re-structure things a bit since I have so many pictures I want to put up but I don't have the space to do it. Hopefully I can get this started soon, but don't hold your breath. Well, I better go. See ya.

I am hoping to develope this site as time goes on. Updates will not be regular but I hope they will be continuious. If you want, you can check out the pictures that I have taken while I have been here in Japan. I also have a few other pictures from home that you might want to take a look at. If you wish to contact me, please leave a message with Base Control at basecontrol@earthlink.net and I will try to get back to you as soon as I can. Thanks again for dropping by. Ja mata.

The Picture Links
Japan Pictures
US Pictures

Copyright 2001/2003. If there is something that is not working, please contact the base engineer at baseengineer@earthlink.net and he will get on it. Updated 9/21/03