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Well, here are some pictures I took when I went flying the last time. Sorry, the pictures of Torrance/Long Beach and other places are not that great. As you can see, it was a bit hazy. LA is pretty flat when you look at it from up there. On a clear day you can see downtown LA and the Hollywood Sign from from here. I have more picture that I took other times I went flying. I will try to get them up in the near future. But for now, please enjoy this short flight.

The Plane
The plane! The Plane! 111EX. A Cessna 172
The Panel
This is the instrument panel. Don't let all those guages scare you.
This is the City of Torrance from the air. To the right of the picture is the begin of Long Beach. LA is in the background.
Long Beach
This is more of Long Beach. A little ways down from the previous picture.
San Pedro
This is San Pedro. Long Beach Harbor is in the background.
Long Beach
Here is Long Beach from the air. That's the Queen Mary in the middle and Long Beach Airport in the background.
The Panel
Here's the panel again. Note the guages.
Seal Beach
Here is Seal Beach from the air. Seal Beach is just a ways down from Long Beach.
That Torrance/Palos Verdes in front of us.
Torrance Airport. Returning home.

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