The Leaves of Kourankei
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Japan is a country that has the opportunity to experience all four seasons. In the Fall, the leaves on most of the trees turn different colors, much like you might see in the New England States. It is a big thing in Japan and people from all over goto certain places where the areas are setup for viewing the leaves. It is like the cherry blossoms of spring. Some areas, like Kourankei, are setup to also view the leaves at night. Although I did have the plan to take pictures of the leaves at night, the three hour travel time forced me to only be able to take night pictures. I was a bit disappointed, to say the least. But here they are.

Nishinakagane station sign
Nishinakagane Station 1
Nishinakagane train
Nishinakagane Train
Nishinakagane from the station
Nishinakagane from the Station (Countryside!)
Kourankei at night 1
Kourankei at Night 1
Kourankei at night 2
Kourankei at Night 2
Kourankei at night 3
Kourankei at Night 3
Kourankei at night 4
Kourankei at Night 4
Kourankei at night 5
Kourankei at Night 5
Another weary traveller
Another weary Traveller
Inside Nishinakagane station
Inside Nishinakagane Station

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