Marc's Farewell Party
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It is always a sad time when I teacher leaves a school. Whether they are just transferring to a different school or quitting altogether, its never a happy time. Marc was the top teacher at Toyota-ko when I got there. I honestly believe he was the guy that kept the place together. He had been there for some time and when he announced his departure, it was a shock to some and a sad thing for all. Marc, if you see this page, I hope all is going well for you. This page is for you.

Marc's farewell 1
The party begins
Marc's Farewell 2
The party continues
Marc's Farewell 3
The party continues 2
Marc's Farewell 4
From my end of the table
Marc's farewell 5
Some of the staff
Marc's Farewell 6
The party continues 3
Marc's Farewell 7
The party continues 4
Marc's Farewell 8
The presentation
Marc's farewell 9
Picture spec 1
Marc's Farewell 10
Picture spec 2
Marc's Farewell 11
Group shot
Marc's Farewell 12
Marc in the rack on the train
Marc's farewell 13
More people in the racks
Marc's Farewell 14
"I'm free!"

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