My Apartment in Nisshin
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Welcome to my humble abode. My apartment is pretty standard for the newer apartments going up in Japan. It is 2LDK meaning it has 2 bedrooms, a kitchen and a separate dining and living room. Its not one of the huge 15+ storie apartment building (called mansions here) you can see around here, but it definately is more than enough for two people. Unfortuneately, Nova likes to stick 3 people in this place. Hence my *room* is actually the living room. Its not bad, but I could really due with a closet.

My Apartment
My Apartment (outside)
My room 1
My Room 1
My room 2
My Room 2
My room 3
My Room 3
My kitchen 1
My Kitchen 1
My balcony
My Balcony View
My kitchen 2
My Kitchen 2
My kitchen 3
My Kitchen 3
My apartment 1
My Apartment Entrance
My apt Hall 1
My Apt. Hall (Towards Kitchen)
My room
My Apt. Hall (Towards Bathroom)

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