My Home
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Well, here are some pictures of my Home. Actually, its not my home but my parent's home. I live in the suburbs of LA in a city called Cerritos. For those who know LA, its basically near Long Beach but a bit to the north and east. I wouldn't say its typical of cities in LA since there are a lot of places worse and better than it, but it is one of the nicer places around. I have also included some pictures of the freeways and the shopping malls near my house here as well as some other places.

The House
Home sweet home!
The Street (Right)
My street looking to the right.
The Street (Left)
My street looking to the left.
The Hall
The hallway.
The Family Room
The Family room complete with TV and stereo (not shown).
The Kitchen
The Kitchen.
My Room
My room. Yes, its a mess.
The 91 Freeway
The 91 freeway heading towards Disneyland. Isn't it nice to have 5 lanes going in one direction...
The 5 Freeway
Going from the 91 to the 5 freeway still heading for DLand.
The Mall
The Mall complete with Sears, Robinson's May and other big stores.
The Mall inside (near Sears)
Inside the mall looking down from Sears.
The Mall inside (near the middle)
Inside the mall near the center.
The Block
This is from another mall called The Block. Its near Dland.
The Block #2
Unlike the Mall near my house, The Block is more of an open-air mall.
Wienerschnitzel. The place for fast food hotdogs. Good stuff.
A shot of LAX from inside the Bradley Terminal. Varig is how I got back.
LAX again
Another shot of LAX from the Bradley Terminal.

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