The Snow
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This page is dedicated to the white stuff that fell on Jan. 3, 2002. It was a very exciting day for me because it NEVER snows in LA. In the mountains, yes, but in LA proper, NO. So this was a day of playing in the snow and having some fun. It was fun to be out when it was snowing, trying to walk around and just taking in the view. Now, I have been in and seen snow before, but this is the first time to be living in a place where it has the potential to snow. I wish LA was like this sometimes...

Snow 1
Snow Falling Jan 2 nite
Snow 2
More Snow Falling
Snow 3
More Snow Falling 2
Snow 4
The next morning
Snow 5
Let the fun begin
Snow 6
Snowman #1
Snow 7
Nisshin in white
Snow 8
Just up the street
Snow 9
On the way to the station
Snow 10
Nisshin in white 2
Snow 11
Nisshin in white 3
Snow 12
Starting to snow again
Snow 13
The street across from the Apt.
Snow 14
My little snowman
Snow 15
Its snowing
Snow 16
Main road in white
Snow 17
Nearby shrine 1
Snow 2
Nearby shrine 2
Snow 19
Nearby shrine 3
Snow 20
Nearby shrine 4
Snow 21
Nearby temple
Snow 22
Nisshin in white 4
Snow 23
Snowman #2
Snow 24
Snowman #2 2
Snow 25
Snowman #2 3
Snow 26
Its starting to melt :(
Snow 27
Behind the Apt in white
Snow 28
Snowman #3
Snow 29
Nisshin station in white
Snow 30
In front on station from the platform
Snow 31
The Toyota Platform at Nisshin Station
Snow 32
Bike parking from the platform
Snow 33
Nisshin from the Platform facing South
Snow 34
Nisshin to the west. Train's coming
Snow 35
Leaving for Toyota
Snow 36
Arriving at Toyota
Snow 37
Toyota in white from the Station
Snow 38
T-face in white
Snow 39
Toyota Station from T-face
Snow 40
Toyota Station from Sati
Snow 41
Kurozasa in white (2nd stop from Nisshin on the way to Toyota)
Snow 42
Nisshin to the North from the platform
Peter & Snow
One Happy Roommate

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