The Toyota City Area
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Toyota. The home of Toyota Motors. This city is much bigger than Nisshin but still has the same problems as Nisshin. There isn't much to do here outside of work. You really need to have a car or something in order to get around. But it is also close to some of the more pictureque areas in Aichi, such as Asuke. It is also where my Japanese class is at TIA.

Toyota 1
Coming into Toyota Station (rain)
Toyota 2
Toyota from the Station (East)
Toyota 3
Where I work NOVA
Toyota 4
Where I sometimes eat MD's
Toyota 5
Where I sometimes shop T-Face
Toyota 6
Toyota Station from T-Face side
Toyota 7
Map of Toyota
Toyota 8
Toyota Station from T-Face 6Flr 1
Toyota 9
Toyota Station from T-Face 6Flr 2
Toyota 10
Shin Toyota Station from T-face 6Flr